“Saba Soomekh is a truly outstanding speaker who not only easily will captivate an audience but will also explain complex political and social situations in a  way that makes you think more about issues and continue your own learning about what she has presented. She has a natural ability to inspire you and does so in a very conversational style.”

“I recently was very fortunate to have the opportunity to speak together with Saba at a gathering of individuals interested in learning more about the complex political situation in the Middle East Region, as a result of over three years of conflict within Syria.   Saba helped all of us understand the history of the conflict, the social impact of it, as well as describing the competing agendas of the various actors in the region.  She does this in a manner that makes everyone present feel that they are in a one on one conversation with her, and not sitting with a group of people.  Her deep knowledge and understanding of the Middle East region enable her to speak from her own personal experience further bringing those present closer to her and in doing so, encourages their questions.”

“I was extremely fortunate to follow Saba in speaking and my presentation on the humanitarian situation of Syrians in the region was enhanced because of the excellent background and context that Saba shared with the audience.  In fact, I was so engaged in what Saba was saying that I found myself thinking that Saba should make herself available to speak with other groups of individuals, including students, corporations, foundations and members of civic and religious organizations. Her presentation provided hope about a part of the world that is misunderstood, and that requires attention and understanding. Saba helps start this journey of understanding for all who have the privilege of attending one of her presentations.”